Advanced Water Sanitation

About Advanced Oxidation Process

This innovative sanitizer solution is a significant improvement over all previous approaches to residential pool sanitization, yet it is fully compatible with standard existing residential pool power and plumbing methods. The defining characteristic of AOP systems is the production of hydroxyl radicals (•OH), the most powerful oxidizer available to safely disinfect residential pool water.

The DEL Approach: Ozone + UV Light = AOP

DEL's AOP systems utilize DEL’s proprietary Plasma Gap Ozone Technology combined with high output, low-pressure germicidal UV lamps to make a potent yet economical AOP system that is small enough for residential pools.

Benefits of AOP

AOP is Highly Effective: AOP fully oxidizes organic contaminants of ALL kinds, including microorganisms, human waste, dangerous chemicals - such as pharmaceutical waste and petrochemicals - fungus, pesticides and other toxic elements. They also oxidize non-organic materials, such as dissolved metals (iron, manganese, etc.), body lotions, oils, and cosmetics.

AOP is Environmentally Benign: The by-products of AOP systems are clean enough for re-use. Even beginning with sewage waste, which is infinitely more contaminated than swimming pool water, these systems can eventually result in water pure enough to recycle.



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